Being a traveler and having a deep appreciation for beer, I could think of no other place to spend my 30th birthday than in Europe. The first stop being in Munich for the beginning of Oktoberfest. As soon as we get to the hostel in old Munich I make my way to Viktualienmarkt. It was a 7 minute walk. Where the litres of beer are 7 euros. Once you get there, you stand in line, grab a .5 or 1L(1L of course), then you pay and walk around the adult playground. Also Grabbed a Brat in the Brat line and watched the debauchery. A School of young brits were singing, playing drinking games and swimming in the fountain. You’ll notice the maypole on the last picture. Munich is notorious for having theirs stolen. We stay 3 days in Munich, then off to Vienna, Prague and ending in Berlin.

Day 2

Our day consisted of touring Munich around old town. Our first stop was the Ohel Jakob synagogue followed by the Hofbrauhaus Bier Hall. In February 1920, Adolf Hitler originally presented the Nazi Party 25 Point Program during a National socialists gathering. When you glace up at the ceiling of the Hofbrauhaus, you’ll see tons of Bavarian Flags. Underneath those flags are swastikas. We make our way to the stein room. Here you’ll see a cooper farm sink along with racks along the wall with iron boxes. Each of those boxes contain a lock with steins. To be an elite member you have to be a weekly customer for years. Thats also a way to maintain and get your own table. You and your most loyal drinking buddies must come sit at the same table, on the same day, at the same time for 3 years to achieve this.

After a couple of Litres, we head over to Frauenplatz to see the famous 2 towers at the Frauenkirche gothic church. Bombed in 1945 and known for its legendary Devil’s footprint. Around the corner were the glockenspiels in Marienplatz. Made in 1908, the figurines re-enact events in munich which play 3 times a day. This was our last stop before the chaos in wonderland. We hop on a subway to Theresienwiese, where Oktoberfest is held. We have 2 seats and 6 bier tickets for the hofbraus tent. Here I would drink 6 Litres before getting lost in Munich and forgetting what happened.