Love Berlin. Before arriving, we took a train from Munich to Vienna (stayed for 2 days) then to Prague(stayed for 2 days) to end up in Berlin for 3 days. We stayed near Monbijou Park in west Berlin. A quaint, cozy suite in Hotel Zoe. I recommend it as you are within walking distance from the art district and museums. Not to mention Hackescher Markt was right around the corner. Great place to enjoy live music at night, eat at the farmers market during the day. It sits next to the S Bahn which goes east and west and stops at each platz. Pro tip: go to the small kiosk underneath the S Bahn to buy beer (Less than €2 for a big bottle you’d normally pay €7 for.) Anyway, we grabbed a daily pass (€7) and headed out on the town. Our first day was walking around and getting familiar with the area. By the way, don’t ever eat Mexican food here. Around the corner is a really cool cereal bar. If you’re looking for a quick breakfast, hop in and pick out your favorite cereal before adventuring.

We heard about some shops near Alexanderplatz, so we headed that way. As soon as we got there, you could hear the polka in the background. The essence of beer, pretzels and cheese filled the air. There was an Oktoberfest happening right in the middle. I’ll stay here while Kat(my SO) goes and shops. She wanted a berliner so we went in search for one while I downed a couple of Litres. If you don’t know what that is, its a jelly filled donut named after JFK and made famous from his comment ”Ich bin ein berliner” We found one and on our way, we passed by cocolo ramen. That was definitely a dinner for the night. After getting familiar with the area and getting ready at the hotel, we head back out for Ramen. As we walk up, we notice a long line. “Please don’t be the line, Please don’t be the line”… It was the line. We look to each other and ask “Where should we go? Well there was a burger joint a block back want to try that?” So we headed that way. Although it was delicious it wasn’t what I was craving for. I ordered the bulgogi burger while kat had the shisho burger. We had a couple of hours and I wanted to go out. We ended up watching a punk show at Schokoladen. Which by the way was an amazing experience.

Day 2: We setup a walking tour around the museum area. We would eventually see the holocaust memorial, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Building and the old Führerbunker. We made up from the previous night and headed for ramen early! And…. we made it. There was still a wait, but it was definitely worth it. I’ve only had some of the best ramen here and ramen tatsuya. The Tonkatsu OG is very similar at these establishments. There was one more thing I had to get before we left. Lederhosen! So we headed to Angermeier for some authenticity. Conveniently It was connected to the Haufbrau Haus in berlin. If you’re in search for great architectural photos stay in the museum area and walk around. Its also a great idea to walk through the canal. If you’re not staying close by, take the S Bahn to the Hackesher Markt stop and get off here. Walk over the bridge to the cathedral and this a good starting point. Another area in east berlin is to take the S Bahn and get off at Warschauer Straße. When you walk to up to the street exit, hang a left going south. There you will walk into the Oberbaum Bridge along with the Berlin wall.